Hi, I’m Dave Kiss, and I make the Internet.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I jumped from full-time job to job, coming up with reasons why each one wasn’t a perfect fit; I didn’t vibe with a coworker, the commute was too long, the office space was killing my creativity, and so on.

Eventually, I came to the realization that most traditional 9-to-5 jobs just aren’t constructed for people like me. I simply can’t just be an average employee. It wasn’t the jobs that didn’t fit; it was me.

In 2012, I started selling my own software online and took a few years to grow the sales to a sustainable level. I did it by extracting my truth from the industry’s smartest brains, applying it to my ideas along the way, and finding out firsthand what did and didn’t work.

I get a ton of satisfaction from sharing what I know. Whether it’s helping you write your first few lines of Javascript, making your first online sale, or talking about the importance of meetups, I want to do my best to help you do better work and share what I’ve learned along the way.

You might enjoy this site if any of the following values resonate with you:

  • I value autonomy; my time is extremely important to me.
  • I want to take ownership of the things that I make. I did not get in to creative work just to crank out work for someone else.
  • I want to learn about the things that I care about the most – not the rigid requirements of what only makes someone else happy.
  • I want more out of my life than sitting predictably at my office desk every day. I want to push, encounter new situations, and explore.
  • I want to have input on what I should work on for the day. I don’t want to just rent out my brain space for someone else’s agenda.
  • I want to collaborate with others who are just as passionate about working as I am.
  • I believe in listening to my body and my mind. If I’m not feeling like I’m putting out strong work, I should stop and come back when I’m ready. I don’t want to be made to feel bad for taking workdays off.
  • I believe in the importance of remote work, and I prioritize my work environment over a predictable commute and cubicle.
  • I enjoy applying all of the ideas and inspiration that surround me to a project of my own.
  • I believe that the time I spend working is, at best, indirectly related to the value of the things that I create.

Say hi on Twitter: https://twitter.com/davekiss