Happy Summer! ☀️

As of June 2021, I’m an extremely proud new father. Our daughter Lumi Josephine Kiss was born on February 9, 2021 at 9:56PM. How she’s almost 4 months old is beyond me.

We’re electing not to share her likeness with the internet. Being a webdev, the privacy concerns, social pressures, and data aggregation hits a little too close to home. She can say hello to the world on her own accord, when she is ready. Just trust me –– she’s a real cutie.

I’ve been on a short-term contract with BoxCast and learning more about collaboration within a company. I haven’t had a “real job” in some time, so I have a lot to pick up as it relates to Agile methodologies, code reviews, communication, and more.

Like many others, COVID-19 threw a wrench into our travel plans last year. We’re planning a trip west to Bend, Oregon in August.