Alfred – huge productivity booster for me, easy launch just about anything (notes, calculations, definitions, snippets, multi clipboards. A++++)
Moom by ManyTricks – move and resize windows to preset dimensions
Chrome – dislike the company, but it’s the best dev option available as of December 2018
Momentum for Chrome – mostly just like the pretty images on new tabs.
Dropbox – mostly used to access files between devices (no more emailing yourself attachments)
iTerm2 and Oh-my-zsh – terminal replacement with extensibility
Homebrew – install mac system apps with ease
1password – I don’t know any of my passwords, 1password remembers them all for me
Affinity Photo – flat rate $49 photoshop replacement
Local by Flywheel – best way to one-click setup a local WordPress environment
Slack – participate in local communities as a remote worker
Postman – organize, test, and perform HTTP requests from a local GUI
Screenflow – use to record screen for demos, tutorials, gifs etc.
Arq – automated backups to the cloud
Twitter – news and friends, but also lots of vitriol
VS Code – beautiful, functional, and free code editor with plugins galore
Flux – gotta protect your eyes from that blue light
nvalt (retired, replaced by Things) – the note-taking and scheduling app that has clicked for me
SequelPro – use to manage local and remote relational databases.
SaverScreensson – my favorite screensaver
TunnelBear – snuggly VPN to keep you safe and secure

Web apps

GitHub – code repositories
Easy Digital Downloads – the best way to sell digital products with WordPress
ConvertKit – newsletters with better tagging and segmenting than MailChimp

Business Tools

Bench – Bookkeeping for online businesses
Gusto – Payroll for online businesses
Smallchat – live chat from website to slack channel
ChurnBuster – credit card dunning with prewritten emails and templates
HelpScout – customer support tools for online businesses

Opinionated Dev Tools

Node – Javascript is the future
React devtools


Propellerhead Reason – music production
Apple Music – new curated playlists every Friday